Nightclubs - Convenience Stores - Grocery Stores

Do you want more sales for your retail location? We provide the ATM, cash vault management and maintenance to place an ATM in your business. Having an ATM in your retail location will bring more customers in to your business. Even if they are only looking for an ATM to get cash the chances are that while they are in your location they will remember that they need something you have in your store. Having more traffic at your location will bring in more customers. Please visit ATM Houston for more information about permanent placement.  If you would rather purchase the ATM you can on our eCommerce website.  Please visit ATM's America or call us today at 800-519-9808.

With our ATM placed in your hotel, convenience, liquor, grocery, pub or any retail store will increase sales. We will place the ATM at NO COST to your business. You will share in the transaction surcharges and make even more revenue for you store. You only obligation is to provide the electrical outlet and an internet connection. If you prefer we can provide an IP enabled unit and you will not even need to add the internet line. We can provide a  wireless unit for less than the cost of installing an internet line to the ATM. We do not charge you anything for this*. We do recommend that internet is used because the transaction takes less time to process. In a high volume location this will definitely be an advantage to you as the owner. Less time means more transactions.


*Must generate at least 100 transactions per month.

  • Free ATM Placement with no long term contracts
  • 24-7 Technical Support
  • Custom Projects and Special Requests
  • Installation/De-installation
  • ATM's are ADA Compliant
  • Land Lines, Internet or Wireless
  • Convenience Stores
  • Grocery Stores
  • Liquor Stores
  • Nightclubs
  • Festivals
  • Fairs
  • Motorcycle Rallies
  • Hotels - Motels
  • Flea Markets

For more information on Free ATM placement at your business you can visit our sister site at ATM Houston