Full ATM Purchase - Your location purchases the ATM and becomes the sole owner. You are responsible basic servicing, loading the machine with cash, insurance, etc.
Your location will make 100% of the Surcharge Transactions from the ATM. i.e. $2.00/transaction. This option allows for you to generate the most revenue. Yearly revenue generation figures for a low volume location can generate $1,200.00 to an average volume location of $3,000.00 to a high volume location of $6,000.00. For full information on placement services visit ATM Houston

Full Placement of ATM - www.atmhouston.com places an ATM at your location and you are required to make no payment at all. Events ATM will be responsible for the service, maintenance, cash loading, insurance, etc. of the machine. We have certified technicians and guarantee Down Time of Less Than 24 Hours.
Your location will receive a portion of every transaction made at the ATM. This option provides your location with all the benefits of ATM placement such as decreased credit card fees, tip tax and reduced credit card processing as well as cash back on sales at no cost to you, while generating some additional revenue.  We have some Full Placement ATM's paying out over $3,000.00 per year to the location owners and others on the low end still getting over $1,000.00 a year for doing nothing.

Pay Out to Location For Full Placement Per Month will vary by location and surcharge but can be as much as $1,000.00 or more.

Higher surcharges have higher payouts to the location

PAY FOR PLACEMENT: We will pay a location for placement of our ATM depending on the location. You, as the business owner, will reap the benefits of having the ATM in your location plus get paid a fixed amount per month. Our typical Pay For Placement is $100.00 per month per location.

We will place an ATM within 50 miles of Houston for permanent placement. The reason for the limitation is so we can honor our Less Than 24 Hour Down Time. Split Placement - Events ATM will purchase the ATM and have it professionally installed at the location. The location will handle daily maintenance and cash loading of the machine. Insurance on the machine will fall under the location responsibility, insurance on money loaded into the ATM will be the location responsibility. The surcharge revenue will be split 50/50 between Events ATM and the location.