At Events ATM Service we have several plans to insure that you and your vendors will make more money at your event. Most vendors are small and only will take cash for their goods or services and will need Mobile ATM Service. The reason for this is the the cost of wireless credit card machines and the low use they will see with them is not cost effective. These vendors are doing this part time on weekends and may only do a few events a year. With our wireless mobile ATM machine in your vendor area, the visitors have a way to make those impulse purchases. If your vendors do well at your event it is more likely that they will be back year after year.Surchargees range from 3.95 for paid rentals to 4.95 for unpaid service.  Surcharge is dependent on fuel prices and may change without notice. All transaction fee splits and fees are subject to final totals for event. Delivery, Set up and Removal are included. Split is between ATM owner and Event.  Call for availability and pricing for small events of less than 10,000 guests per day.