ATM's America can provide an ATM for your business where you purchase the ATM and place the money in it yourself. You set the surcharge and keep all of it. You will be responsible for all cash vault management, clearing paper or bill jambs and replacing receipt paper

We can also provide the ATM at our expense and provide the maintenance.  You provide the cash vault management and we split the surcharge.  You will be responsible for making sure the ATM has cash all the time. You can load a small amount into the ATM and get the withdrawals and your share of the surcharge back in your account the next day

Contact us for a free evaluation of your business so we can help you choose the best ATM with the most efficient features you will need. We have many ATM machines in stock or will order the ATM and have it shipped directly to us to be programmed. Once it arrives we will come out and set it up for you and give you the training you will need to maintain it.